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Staff Bios

Stuart McPherson

Stuart McPherson began his career in cosmetology after having a very successful career in sales. Hair design had always been a passion and he returned to school to become a licensed cosmetologist.

After graduating from school, Stuart mentored under and worked for some of the greatest names in the beauty industry. This enabled him to focus on two areas in the industry that he felt were neglected: color correction and cutting curly hair. After extensive studies in hair color and researching the different color companies available, Stuart trained in Framesi Color and completed the rigorous Framesi’s “Mastering the Pallet” program. With this knowledge he continued his studies and went on to achieve the prestigious title of Master Color Correction.

Stuart has always been intrigued by curly hair and the uniqueness of the curl pattern. Educating himself in the complexities, needs and cutting of curly hair he was able to master and develop a style of cutting to enhance the curl pattern.

After an extensive education in hair design, Jimmy Thomas and Stuart McPherson opened a salon in Safety Harbor. The Thomas-McPherson Salon was born in April 2000 in downtown Safety Harbor. Offering an atmosphere of relaxed elegance and the philosophy that the client’s needs are the concern of all employees. The team at Thomas-McPherson Salon believes in continuing education, a demand for excellence, a commitment to customer service and community involvement.


Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell began his cosmetology career at the early age of 18 and was quickly awarded the distinction of master stylist/colorist. Mentored under many of the legends in the hair industry, Rick fused their artistry and technique to perfect his precision style of cutting. The combination of his artist’s eye and his drive to excellence has landed him many discerning clients ― Clients who accept nothing but perfection. “Being in the industry for nearly 30 years, I feel blessed and more in love with my chosen field than I ever could have imagined,” said Rick.

Though he has been involved in cosmetology since 18, Rick does have other fields to compare it to: for a while he brought his eye for aesthetics to a more residential field, working simultaneously in home design and hair design.


Harrington Efstathion

Harrington Efstathion began his career in the field of cosmetology after being a recording artist, songwriter, and producer. He attended The Christian Dior Academy in Chicago, Ill. where he found that working with hair was so inspiring, that it felt as though he was working as a sculptor and artist working on a canvas of unlimited creativity.

His extensive studies with the finest mentors in the hair industry include Trevor Sorbie with Vidal Sassoon out of London, England in Convent Gardens. There he learned precision, geometric cutting techniques and advanced coloring techniques. Harrington had the honors of working with Arnold Zigarrelli where he learned to perform motivational seminars. Martin Parsons, Toni and Guy, Jingles, and Fillipo Sepe are just a few of his other educational experiences.

With the help of his educational background he was fortunate to have had a successful career. He was a salon owner, spa director for an exclusive spa in Tampa, motivational director and styling director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons, Educator and platform artist for the Nexxus design team for Florida regional.

Living in the Los Angeles area, he had the privilege as a union stylist to work on the set of the Gary Shanley show with Martin Derreck who was located in Beverly Hills where he had the opportunity to work with many celebrity quests.

His coloring and cutting techniques are influenced by the European methods with an artistic flare.

Working on the runway, high fashion, publication work, vintage and wedding styles, he can accommodate his clients with a style that will be suited for any occasion. Come and be pampered with an experience that you won’t forget.